Words Of Wisdom to Get Life Insurance Leads

79-Year-Old Insurance Sales Genius “Calls It Quits”…
And Finally Agrees To Reveal The One Marketing Strategy That Made Him Rich!

This is the one life insurance lead generating secret Robert Winthrop swore he would keep under wraps forever! The one (and only one!) method he adamantly would not share. Born out of his own creativity … nurtured along by a 53-year sales career … this unique marketing strategy became his bread and butter. The approach he relied on to make the bulk of his fortune.

Deliberately omitted from previous sales and marketing seminars his company forced him to do, here- at last- is Winthrop’s completely original life insurance lead generation and selling secrets.

It requires “next to no effort,” yet offers consistency and astronomically high commissions. In fact, for the past 15 years his average annual commissions ranged from $338,000 to $487,000. All that time (for nearly 2 decades!) these marketing secrets at the heart of Winthrop’s’ sales strategy remained private…exploitable by one man only. But something changed …

The Quiet “Uneventful Event” That Slip By Unnoticed …But Is About To Change The Way You Get New Life Insurance Leads – Forever!

A few years ago …very silently…Robert Winthrop retired. Unplugged his computer … dug out his fishing pole, and opted to spend his golden years savoring life with his wife on the sunny coast of Florida.

Walking away from the financial services industry wasn’t easy, but at his age, he felt it was the right thing to do. Lucky for all of us, I had a chance to sit down with him and hear his story.

It amazed me how candid he was. I guess in his old age he had mellowed and was more willing to share the life insurance lead generating secrets he had so jealously guarded for 53 years. I want to share his story with you, but I couldn’t put it into words so I decided it’s best to just hear it straight from him just as I did.

Using The Right Words To Get New Life Insurance Leads

“Certain words produce amazing results, as if by magic. All you desire in life, including everlasting wealth, can be yours, depending on the words with which you express yourself.”

Words have power. They can make you laugh. Or cry. Build a cathedral or skyscraper. Fight for your country. Who can ever forget the words of George W. Bush at Ground Zero, which stirred a nation?

Words, when used properly, can get people to flock to you to buy your products!

Unfortunately, most life insurance agents use the wrong words when selling, and marketing financial products.

But, it’s not your fault. Since the day you got into the life insurance business, you’ve been taught to “prospect” or “market” with words in ways that simply…


Why? Because everything they teach insurance agents to do to get clients is pushy, wasteful, obnoxious, expensive, and downright embarrassing.

You see, success at getting clients, has everything to do with understanding the real secrets of life insurance lead generation through direct response marketing and using the right words. It has nothing to do with cold calling, knocking on doors, sending out calendars or road atlas’, etc.

Once I discovered this, I started looking for new and more affordable ways of attracting clients.

The bottom line is I have developed, tested and proven special strategies that can be adapted and used by any open-minded life insurance agent to get more new clients in a month than they got the entire previous year.

I can show you how to cut the waste and fat out of your marketing and get a much better bang for your buck. I will show you how to achieve increase your life insurance leads, earn higher average commissions, get happier clients… how to nurture repeat buyers and build an iron cage around them impenetrable by your competitors.

I’ve put all of my strategies, secret words, examples, ad models, everything into a powerful, well-organized, ready-to-use “Business Building System”. Unlike anything ever before available in the life insurance industry.

This system allows you to target the most desirable life insurance leads and attract precisely the clients you want, at the pace you desire; fast flood or steady stream. Get your clients easier and faster than you ever imagined possible.

What do you need to use these “secret word weapons,” strategies and methods? Well, you don’t need a lot of money. Many of the methods require modest budgets. Over all, using my system can cut your marketing costs. In other words, my system can, and will flood your office with good clients who pay, stay and refer.

To find out all of the details, you don’t even need to spend a penny. I’ve prepared a FREE SPECIAL REPORT, which you can have mailed to your office or home to study at your convenience. There is no cost, no obligation, and no sales person will ever call you to follow-up.

Unless you are enjoying solid sales, high commissions and growth doing what you’re doing, you must pay attention to this message. Unless your life insurance business is already meeting your personal and lifestyle goals as well as your income needs, you must pay attention to this message. If past success seems to be slipping away, you must pay attention. I’m eager to show you how not just to survive, but to prosper like crazy even when all your colleagues and competitors are weeping, wailing, and gnashing their teeth!

My FREE booklet will open your eyes to a whole new approach to making a maximum income, and getting maximum satisfaction from your life insurance business. Imagine… no more sleepless nights, worrying about paying bills, no more paying yourself last, no fears of change, competition or the future.

Rediscover your optimism and enthusiasm of why you got into the financial services business in the first place!

Here’s All You Have to Do to Get This Life Insurance Lead Generation Secret

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“The enormous power of using the right words has made me a millionaire many times over. And my success can be duplicated. Anyone who uses the words and strategies that I’ve developed in my system, and I mean anyone, can become a millionaire!”

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